Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My personal tricks

  • First of all i make blog of differnt kinds such as Diet advoiser,Hacking books etc. so more blog more income

    Secondly i start selling books online on my hacking blog so you can also do this

    I try to share my thoughts to drive traffic

    You can also ad your blog by comments on differnt sites.i.e. youtube

    Ad your blog by chating on different rooms

Monday, August 31, 2009

3 ways to make your blog profitable

Few years back, nobody was aware of what the heck is blogging. But today’s nobody care about building websites. Everyone is going to stick with blogging because its sometime fun and you can even make yourself rich with blogging.

Blogging is basically an update of your thoughts that you gives to other readers. Unlike a web forum or community website, blogging is a personal publishing system. Anyways, lets keep the heck of definition away and start the topic.

There could be many way to make money with blogs. Some can bring you a lot while some can give you only few cents a day. Its all up to you that how you run your blog and how much of course.

The key to success with blogging is to update your blog as much as you can. Do an update at least 4 times a week and you are not going to lose generic search engine traffic. Because thats the traffic which brings free money and traffic.

1. Three old words - Sell Advertisement space

Of course selling advertisement space is the biggest way to make money with your blogs. As long as you have enough traffic on your blog, you have the gold chain. If you are starting a blog then choose the topic you can write most because people will stay on your blog as long as they have good information on your blog. Otherwise they will just read and go away forever. You can sell advertisement space on your blogs easily as much as from $50 to $200 per 125×125 banner. But this really need good and targeted traffic. To obtain traffic, you might need to read SEO Tips section to learn how to optimize your website search engine friendly and the best way to get backlinks to your blog.

2. Write reviews for other blogs

This is another good way to earn with blogging. You can go to some best review sites like sponsoredreviews, payperreview, reviewme etc. Then sign up as blogger and start writing reviews or posts on a topic of advertiser’s choice and give them two or three link backs. This way you get two things. One is the few dollars for writing reviews for advertisers and second is the update of your blog. Yeah , your blog is always up to date to get more traffic from Google and other search engines.

3. Write reviews for affiliate Products

Another way to earn with blogging is to start writing your own reviews or posts on different affiliate products. In an action (e.g sale or lead) you can get a good amount of commission from your affiliate advertiser. You can sign up for commission junction, neverblueads or some other good affiliate networks and find the product you can write on, and promote. A good and helpful review always returns something. People make plenty of money by running web hosting blogs, health & fitness blogs etc.

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Friday, July 31, 2009

New Blogger 3 column Sweet Dreams template

Amanda of BloggerBuster have created a number of New Blogger templates. However, please note that the templates uses many images hosted by Amanda, and when you download her templates, included also will be the images. This is like implying that you should upload those images to the web yourself, get the URL's and substitute them in the relevant parts of the templates. This may be because she don't want you to increase the bandwidth load from her site. In any case, it is probably wise for you to upload the images yourself as then these images will be controlled by you and not Amanda. If Amanda remove the images from the web or her site goes offline, the images in your blog will disappear.

Amanda's templates have some features very much different from the other templates including a Lable (category or tag) List in the form of a Label Cloud, animated or fixed gif images, widgets to add a mp3 music player plus a mp3 music file, search box, etc.

However, I have noticed that after downloading her templates, some don't include the images (Blues) and some have some missing images. However, this is no problem as I will show you how to get the images, upload them to the web, get the URL's and substitute these with the the relevant URL's in the template. If you want to depend on Amanda, you can skip all those explanation, just download, backup your current template PLUS the Page Elements, upload her template and just forget about the rest. However, she has indicated that she prefer you to host your own files and images. If you want control over the images yourself and you don't know how, then you will have to read my instructions on how to get the missing images, upload the neccessary images and files plus get their URL's.

I will start with one of her template and explain the process fully, and the others, if you want to use them, the instructions for the first template will be exactly the same.

New Blogger 3 column Sweet Dreams template
An example of a blog using this template is Medical Matters. You can download it from Download "Sweet Dreams" 3 column template (zip file). Save the zip file into a suitable folder, perhaps called "BloggerBuster Sweet Dream template" or something. After you downloaded and unzipped the file, you will get 3 column Sweet Dream xml template (highlighted with a red rectangle), a HTML file which when clicked on opens a webpage giving some instructions, an image folder, a music folder, a widger_code folder, and an xml template folder.

Refer to Backup and change New Blogger template. If you have already done some customizations (add Page Elements, etc.) edit the Page Elements one by one, paste them into Notepad files and save them into the same folder as some of the Page Elements will be deleted or become empty after you change to the new template. Click the TEMPLATE tab, then the EDIT HTML sub-tab to open the template editor. Click "Browser" and browser to the xml template highlighted with a red rectangle in the screenshot above. Click "Upload". You may get a message that some Page Elements (widgets) will get deleted. Go ahead and upload.

Update 11.10pm 15 August 2007: I found I missed some image URL's below when I recorded the original image URL's found in the original templatge, so created a test blog and tried uploading the template again and got a zip file. When I click on the zip file, I got the folders plus

When in Window Explorer, I click on the zip file, then a "Sweet_Dream" folder, I can get to the folders plus HTML and xml files as shown in the first screenshot above. However, when I click "Browse" to upload the template and and click on the zip file to get to the folders plus HTML and xml files, the zip file got loaded into the "browse" window instead. So I was forced to open Windows Explorer, went to the folder containing the folders and HTML and xml files shown in the screenshot above and drag them into the folder above. If you faced this problem, this is what you may need to do. I don't know why I didn't have this problem the first time I did it.

After you have uploaded, the new template will be in the template editor window. Look for line of codes that contain something like url(http://........gif). To illustrate, I will put in the relevant sections I found into the scroll box below:

I love the Rounders 4 template by Douglas Bowman because it is beautiful, green and I think a perfect fit for an environmental blog. However the stand

NOTE: Before you edit or change template, make sure you backup your curremt template PLUS Page Elements. Refer to Backing up current template PLUS Page Elements before changing new template

"Rounders 4" 4 column template by Danial

I love the Rounders 4 template by Douglas Bowman because it is beautiful, green and I think a perfect fit for an environmental blog. However the standard Blogger Rounders 4 template is only 2 column when I prefer 3 column and 4 column. I was thus very happy when Amanda of BloggerBuster converted the standard 2 column to the Rounders 4, 3 column template. I thus used her template for the Environmentally Friendly Presents. Not only has Amanda converted it to 3 column, she also included a very handy Labels cloud. Do have a look at Labels cloud in the right sidebar of Environmentally Friendly Presents, you will fall in love with it I am sure.

Monday, July 27, 2009